Got a Kanban Wall? Try my free online self-assessment

Has your team started visualising work? Are you adopting Kanban? Are you wondering what’s next?

Try my online self-assessment survey to review what techniques you are currently doing and find next steps for improvement.  The survey is useful as a baseline for measuring your depth of Kanban adoption over time and also as a checklist of ideas for techniques to try. I recommend my clients conduct the survey one month after doing my visual management training, and then every 3-6 months after that.

The survey looks at three areas: Clarity of the the work (position of the work, performance measures and identification of problems), Controls (over team capacity and commitments to stakeholders) and Collaboration (feedback mechanisms and team collaboration practices). 

I will send all participants a report on insights into the state of Kanban across the survey once there are enough responses. Don’t miss out!  

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