Was 2016 overwhelming? You are not alone: how to make it better in 2017

Are you or your team members stressed? Overworked? If the holidays feel like taking a breath from a crazy workload then you are not alone.

Many of the teams I see are doing too much. Often 10 simultaneous ongoing projects per person! It's not right and you can take practical steps to make it better.

If you are too busy to fix any underlying issues then a good place to start is adopting very basic visual management techniques to get out of the chaos: get clarity around the current work, what is being worked on, by who, and in what sequence.

Once you have a good handle on current problems and performance then it becomes much easier to put in the essential controls around team capacity and commitments to customers.

In a half-day class I teach practical techniques to get this clarity and control over work. I have just announced limited dates for public classes in Melbourne and Sydney.

If you know someone who could do with the gift of clarity over the chaos, please pass on these links to limited early bird tickets:

Visual Management Masterclass Melbourne - 19 January

Visual Mangement Masterclass Sydney - 22nd February

I'm also available in the new year to work with your team providing onsite coaching and deep dive training.

Happy holidays and all the best for 2017!

PS. I have a collection of visual management materials available free to subscribers.