Today I'm speaking at Scrum Australia: my slides, an assessment tool and more

I'm some combination of excited and nervous to be talking at Scrum Australia today! I'm talking about extending scrum adoption with Visual Management.  See my notes from other talks below.

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Some notes from the conference

A really great talk by Steve Denning

  • Agile is a mindset: without the mindset, there is no benefit
  • Genuine agile is delighting the customer
  • Huge change: the priority needs to shift completely from shareholder value to customer value
  • Customer is missing from the org chart
  • Motivation is: change or die
  • Agile can be fragile: one manager can destroy 10 years of progress in 10 minutes
  • No time to loose: 7 years for Microsoft to move towards genuine agile
  • Requires strong leadership at all levels that are obsessed with customer value in order to fight the entrenched mindset